Valerija Horvat
Vital statistics
Position n/a
Clan Brujah
Age  ???
Status Camarilla
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

In-game knowledgeEdit

  • n/a

The Harpy RumorsEdit

Fresh Hearsay

  • She seems to be called for talks with Prince and Seneschal pretty often... One wonders what is behind that. Especially since Brujah Primogen hasn't been seen awhile.

Old News

  • For all the talk about rights and freedom, she squandered hers rather easy... Question is, to whom she gave it away?
  • It seems she has taken an great interest in one of the Roses, openly claiming he is truly one hunk of a man. Too bad he is already spoken for and unavailable for the Grand Elysium...
  • Lack of manners and egalitarian dreams have brought more than one kindred to his knees!

A View from WithinEdit

Looking up at this previous journal entry I find myself pondering two things. „Why by the night does an immortal creature of the night need with a journal for heck's sake?“ and „If I'm already strange enough to be writing one, why in the name of all that is known am I lying in it?“

The first question maybe answers the reason I am such an in control Brujah most of the time. Along with those 60 bags of mixed cement boxing bags I go through every week. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. The second....well, apparently even immortals have issues. Who knew?

The real reason I left Chicago, let's face it, was far more convoluted than that of the Sabbath, or I would have left the Croatian Imperium shortly after arriving. The truth is that as a Prince, Lodin was very different from Maxwell, and he actually started modernizing the Camarilla, utilizing the resources that were at his disposal. One of those resources was me. Not that I minded. Lodin created a bloodbank for the Camarilla, heavily drawing upon the resources, influence and affluence of the Ventrue Clan. The problem? He chose a Brujah to head it. The Brujah? Me.

Duh. It went fairly well for the first three and a half decades. The then Primogen of Clan Ventrue wasn't really happy with it, but even he conceded that no one from his clan was more qualified for the post. I was oddly surprised to find that I was almost as good an administrator as I was a scientist and doctor. But, three and a half decades later, Clan Ventrue chose another Primogen. One who was rasher, much younger, and far less subtle in his plots. long story short...leaning heavily on my not-quite-so-Brujah nature, he managed to insinuate and later accuse me of doing something terrible, even by the standards of the more depraved Camarilla Kindred. Something that my studies into Kindred blood warned me not to ever attempt. When sanctioned- it is the Amaranth, when not Diablerie. Prince Lodin of course, followed up on the rumours and accusations, and found them false. Obviously, or I wouldn't be here.

The damage however was done. Lodin and Caroline both pulled me aside during an Elysium and suggested I travel, as a sort of damage control I suppose. I guess it was a smart move on the Prince's part. Wouldn't do to have a pet Brujah who had committed unsanctioned diablerie eh? He promised me that I would always be in his good graces, if I decided to return to a century or so.

Well....Guess what?

Fuck it. I left, changed my name, went to Croatia.