Vital statistics
Position Autarkis
Clan Samedi Bloodline
Age Over 120
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 173 cm
Weight 70 kg

In-game knowledgeEdit

  • Harbinger of grim news
  • Unbeknownst to anyone, found his way to Camarilla Zagreb's Elysium
  • Allegedly dabbles in Necromancy
  • Path follower, carrying a stench of rot and grave wherever he walks
  • Inconspicuous in gatherings, but somehow almost omniscient
  • As of the latest Elysium, he has shown he has a penchant for striking very confusing conversations, often leading into the spheres of dubious motives...

The Harpy RumorsEdit

Fresh hearsayEdit

  • He delivered some grave insults and shook our spirits with his jokes, then anounced he'll be on his merry way! Was Zagreb only a pit stop or did he have some business to tend to? Or did he just pop here to grab a souvenir? Whatever his deal was, I have to say I'll be sad to see him leave as he had shown quite a mastery at shutting others down - even the Sun couldn't deal that amount of burns! I sincerely hope Nole has time to learn a thing or two about puns from this Kindred before he leaves us for good.
  • He made quite a show demanding attention of the Prince . But have you noticed he spent a lot of time speaking with Senechal about something. I wander about what!

A View from WithinEdit