Stefan von Schwartzburg
Vital statistics
Position N/A
Clan Tremere
Age 150
Status Ancilla
Physical attributes
Height 195
Weight 110

In-game knowledge Edit

  • Rumored to be very good friend with the Tremere Primogen of Berlin
  • Appears to be very well educated in many fields of science
  • Eagerness to share his opinions with his superiors often brings him on the edge of reprehension

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsayEdit

Old newsEdit

  • Very creative and capable kindred! Gave some very usefull information to the Sheriff, and promised even more. He may go far, if he delivers on that! And there is no doubt in my mind that he will!
  • Quite an interesting kindred. He has a strong opinions on hierarchy and statuses within Camarilla. And he is not afraid to share them.
  • n/a