Renata Tenebris
Vital statistics
Clan Tremere
Age 150+
Status Ancilla
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?

In-game knowledge Edit

  • Empty for now

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsay:Edit

  • And she's back from Vienna! People saw her in Pula. I wonder what is she up to?
  • Demoted from Regent position... I wonder what happened there!

Old News:Edit

  • A silent and reserved kindred, not one for idle banter or chit-chat. Yet, always listens, and knows way more than she should know. How? The answer is simple - magic. Powerful one at that. One should be careful with this kindred, you don't want to spend the rest of your existence as a frog, or worse - Nosferatu.
  • She hides her cards extremely well, some say that not even her superiors know everything she is capable of and this is quite a terrifying prospect. Powerful magic, arcane rituals, ancient knowledge, one really does wonder - where does the list end or even begin?
  • Apparently won the regency in a Symbel within her Clan, outmaneuvering other Warlocks is no small feat. How? You should ask the competition, if you find them.
  • Her ideas as of lately have become so creative and original that even Prince have started to notice them.... And we all know that there is no bad publicity, am I right?