Pietro Giovanni
Vital statistics
Position Emissary to the Camarilla/Keeper of Elysium - Erittrol
Clan Giovanni
Age 248
Status Ancilla
Physical attributes
Height 184
Weight 84

In-game knowlege Edit

  • Embraced by Q.G, 'Anziani prudente' in 1784, Venice.
  • Married his own grand-daughter Leandra Valeriana Giovanni
  • The easiest way to gain prestige among the Giovanni is by accumulating vast amounts of wealth. A more difficult way is by discovering new understandings of death, either through art or necromancy magic. Pietro Giovanni chose the latter ( although still considerably wealthy )
  • Expert in Necromancy
  • Enjoys spending his time in company of the ghostly spirits of deceased family members or dead rather than in company of other kindred; still shrewd and keen negotiator when it comes to dealing with mortals or kindred.
  • Trained in diplomacy, intrigue, business management and investment transactions by clan Giovanni tutors over last 50 years for his role of the clan ambassador/emissary to the Camarilla Agram
  • Excellent business connections/contacts in 'Ndrangheta and "Cosa Nostra"
  • Empowered by Clan Giovanni to function as arms dealer on the behalf of Camarilla Agram
  • Always open to new business ideas
  • Tends to make Proxy Kisses aesthetic efforts; enjoyed feeding blood to female ghouls via fellatio. Although, for the last 30 years ( since entering matrimony ), that pleasure is exclusively reserved for his wife Leandra. Especially, he loves watching blasphemous masses and orgies ( but not engaging).
  • Affirmed flamboyant pervert, necrophilac; yet somehow romantic and old fashioned

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • There are whispers in the Elysium that talk of someone else warming his bed, besides his wife Leandra . There are many candidates, but one specific Toreador does stand out. One has to have a rather deep throat to sing so loud, if you know what I mean.
  • Whispers say that he murdered a ghoul in cold blood for accidentally spilling a cup of water on his suit. A ghoul whose owner was praised that very evening for having a trained and capable servant. Seems his wounded pride has no limitations. One really does wonder, what else can he do?
  • Handled the disgraced Caitiff extremely fast and to his credit as a Keeper, earning status "Acclaimed" from the Main Harpy in the process, showing that even a corpse rose can blossom when given enough incentive. A kindred dealing in extreme dualities, a rather strange combination, but as always, time will tell.
  • It seems that he sold a percentage of Erittrol to every kindred in Zagreb. Doctor Victor CranePolina, Primogens, Whips... List goes on. And now with opening of another Elysium, those investors might be afraid that their stocks are losing some of its value.
  • After the Erittrol debacle he had to sacrifice his own blood and lover as a redemption, and now prince Darius, some would say, was forced to sacrifice his Childe. Coincidence? Revenge? You may think whatever you like,but I couldn't possibly comment on that!