These are the proclamations of the Keeper of the Elysium, proclaimed under her own authority under the Pax Vampirica.

Current Keeper of the Elysium is Giorgio Gambetta, Keeper of Zagreb Elysium

Official ProclamationsEdit

January 18th, A.D. 2019, Zagreb Edit

In preparations for tomorrow's Elysium, let us remind ourselves of the importance of the event we are about to participate in. Elysium is a sort of holy grounds of the kindred world, a place where no harm should befall any kindred, physical at least, a place of gathering, a social arena where discussions and meetings take place. You are encouraged to mingle about, make friends, or enemies, participate in the game of bouquets, tell stories, forge alliances and covenants.

As the Keeper of Elysium, I am responsible for the schedule and safety issues. As such, if you wish to organize an event, a contest, a meeting, deliver a speech or something else - please consult with me and we shall make it happen. Kindred initiatives are welcome and I for one am waiting eagerly for your suggestions.

But please be aware that some rules of conduct on Elysium do exist and stick to them. Those who break the rules will be punished. Keeper of Elysium, in one word: I, has the final say regarding Elysium conduct rules and interpretation. If you have any questions, do ask rather than act on a hypothesis.

Rule 1: Maintain the masquerade at all times.

Rule 2: No physical violence on Elysium premises. Attacking others is not allowed, be it other kindred, ghouls, or something else. It is highly recommended you keep your beast under control. As a measure of precaution, bringing weapons to Elysium is forbidden. All kindred will be checked for arms at the entrance of the Elysium and be asked to turn over the weapons or leave the Elysium. Only Keeper of Elysium and Sheriff are allowed to bear arms and only Keeper of Elysium can create further exceptions. However, kindred is allowed to defend his or her (un)life by any means necessary in case of danger..

Rule 3: Use of disciplines, rituals, thaumaturgy etc. on the premises of Elysium is not allowed, at least not without consent from the Keeper of Elysium. The exception is the Sheriff, who is responsible for the enforcement of the Viceroy's decrees. Kindred of the Nosferatu clan are allowed to use the Obfuscate discipline in order to normalize their appearance and not to disturb other kindred. However, using the discipline to imitate others will be considered an infraction of the rule and it will be punished.

Rule 4: Recording and/or monitoring the Elysium gatherings by means of video and/or audio recording devices or supernatural means is forbidden as well.

Rule 5: Premises of the Elysium are not to be damaged or destroyed.

Rule 6: Preserve safety of Elysium - do not bring to Elysium any entity or members of an institution that might pose danger to the premises or participants of the gathering, intentionally or not. Masters must accompany their ghouls at all times.

Rule 7: Respect the 6 traditions.

Instigators of events that lead to a breach of any of the above-mentioned rules will be punished along with those who commit the breach.

Any breach of the rules must be reported to the Keeper.

Best regards, GG