I am tall and I am thin

Of an enviable hight

And I've been known to be quite handsome

In a certain angle and in certain light

And so I walked into Zagreb one night, one blasted Lasombra Anti, to grace this miserable city, expecting opposition from, well, pretty much everyone.

Hi, my name is... and I've come to offer my assistance against Sabbat, I've said. Hi, you're welcome in our city, the princess said. Wait what?

Fast forward. 

We need to get rid of the Caitif, said the Seneschal, I said I would help. So he intercepted, alright, but his errors are on your head. Wait what?

Fast forward.

You need to choose a side, the usurper said, and pick the right one. So I've said, I will pick the side, don't worry. And so I did, my own. Wait what?

To sum it up, this was my experience with baby Camarilla of Zagreb. And guess what, I am the Seneschal now, my enemies are long gone, burried, forsaken, exiled, burned, shot and dismembered. I am still here, alive and kicking. We've killed more people that I can remember, removed pretty much any obstacle, fought infernalists and werewolfs, played the great game, fought Sabbat and flerted with inner Camarilla politics. And some of us are still here. Not to tell the tale, even though the tale is long and complex, but to relive it again. 

Oh yeah, the mutt has a name now, I need to remember to stop calling him that.