Tremere Cyrus
Vital statistics
Position The Seneschal
Clan Tremere
Age 971
Status Luminary Elder
Physical attributes
Height 182
Weight 130

In Game Knowledge Edit

  • Embraced 1044, just decade after Tremere descent into Kindred
  • Claims to be Byzantine Greek (Island of Naxos) and to have served on Imperial court in Constantinopole, and few others in Balkans and Asia Minor.
  • Loremaster with focus in supernatural entities and vampires of the region trough ages as well as some of local clans, and otherwordly realms.
  • It is rumored one of Zagreb's gargoyles was made by this warlock. Fact it stands guard over the chantry might prove this point.
  • Master of the Occult
  • Specialist in astonishing number of Thaumaturgy forms and paths.
  • Fanatically strong Camarilla supporter
  • Rumored to have been present in several wars both kindred and kine
  • Rumored to spawn items out of thin air at will
  • Rumored to be able to call forth fire from his hands.
  • His open disdain for mortal pleasures and matters is openly seen and made known.
  • Rumored to enjoy higher profile of blood when feeding
  • Seems to enjoy mild and even approach to fellow kindred, however keeps strongly to traditions and courtesies.
  • It is rumored that his fame among clan Tremere is due to sheer number of apprentices he has turned into capable kindred, and some refer to him as "The Sage"
  • Rumored to have odd obession with clan Salubri.

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • Swiftly appointed as Seneschal by Darius
  • The staggering ammount of knowledge this respected elder possesses is quite difficult to grasp. Rumour has it that his "explanations on the questionable quintessence and reality of the cosmos" have begun to unravel more than a single kindred mind. Somehow I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the true knowledge he holds is far more dangerous and powerful. As is He showing to be.
  • I swear, when the Gargoyle showed up his asshole clenched so hard it was audible! And I don't even have auspex!
  • Some kindred might think that he is trying to send a message to a prince Darius. They say he first suspended his Childe from his position as a Sheriff, and then forsake Gretel from domain although she was proclaimed favoured by Darius himself. And that he bullied ex-primogen of Ventrue, Nastya, to resign just because Darius publicly gave her public support and proclaimed her loyal to the Camarilla Agram. But they are certainly wrong! He did all that in the name of the Prince! He would never undermine his Prince!