Baldassare Giovanni
Vital statistics
Position Ambassador
Clan Giovanni
Age 25
Status Independant
Physical attributes
Height 186
Weight Zounds

In-game knowledge Edit

  • He has appeared in Zagreb as Giovanni envoy and ambassador to replace the previously appointed clan member.
  • Claims to study places of historical importance for their echoes
  • Seems rather congenial and chatty
  • Claims to have originated from Trieste, and has spent most of his vampire existance in Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Offers advice in multitude of academic and occult topics

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsayEdit

  • Poor, poor Giovanni. First he got kicked out of our Camarilla-only meeting and for some reason thought it wise to complain. Then he had to wait a long, long time for an audience. Then, to top it all off, he got his hindquarters handed to him by Tacitus. He must feel horrible about not being able to catch up with neither his enemy's banter nor knowledge in necromancy!
  • Unique skills of this kindred have been showed publicly during the last Elysium. Lucky for him, he did observe proper protocol and asked for permission!